Throwing Around Ridiculousness

Sometimes I deal with a fast heartbeat. I want to be careful at how I explain this (without complaining) while at the same time being open. Honestly, it can be annoying. However, I want to have perspective about this, because I have had every test under the sun and I am healthy. I am truly and not just saying this, very, very thankful. I am so blessed. Thank you Lord for this life. Thank you God.

Before I get into this story I want to make this blog pretty. Let’s face it, you’re reading words, but you’re more interested in the pretty. Once I get into this story, it won’t be pretty anymore.  Krungthep Tea Time has nothing to do with the story I am about to tell you. But, I would venture to say it is my new FAVORITE restaurant! Yumm. Go get some.

A few weeks ago we were feeling particularly Asian and ventured to an Orlando hotspot, Krungthep Tea Time. My first tea was Blueberry Cheesecake (left). Yes, I had two teas, judge away. Matt’s was Pomegranate Green Tea. Both of these left us wanting more (they were good but not perfect).
This guy, called the Thaiger is Crying was oooooooooow clear-your-sinuses spicy, but also so oh oh oh good.
BUT THIS TEA IS THE MOST AMAZING DRINK IN MY LIFE EVER AMAZING GIMME MORE. This is the Lemon Honey An-Chan. Absolutely the most incredible tea ever to touch your lips.

This week I’ve had a cold and for whatever reason, it’s made my heartbeat janky. (For you clinical people thinking ‘maybe it’s the cold medicine,’ I haven’t taken any). My resting heart rate (sitting down) has been over 100. The first night it was doing this I asked Matt if  it had to do with all the sugar I ate that day (drank apple juice, had a pumpkin bagel for lunch…it wasn’t pretty, let’s just say). He said he doubted it, but that when patients are having a blood sugar problem their pee may smell very sweet like sugar. #benefitsofaPAhusband #alsodownsideofaPAhusband #TMI

IMG_9278 (3)
Stop judging me, we shared everything. This is the Sleeping Beauty. I wished it were a waffle instead of toast, but that’s just a matter of preference. Look at it. It tastes as good as it looks.

I was on our living room sofa all showered and in my jammies, and had my feet propped up, and was trying to relax to no avail, so I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. Well, curiosity got the best of me, so after I was done I raised the seat and stuck my face into the bowl to smell if I had sweet pee. All of a sudden, WHAM. MY HEAD GOT STUCK IN THE TOILET. THE TOILET SEAT PINNED ME BETWEEN THE BOWL AND THE SEAT. BECAUSE THE TOILET SEAT FELL ON MY HEAD.

First of all, ow. Second of all, I AM GOING TO THROW UP. I flailed around screaming and reached for the seat to push myself out. If that wasn’t bad enough, I was afraid to take a hot shower because I didn’t want to lower my blood pressure in the warm water with my heart rate still high.(Likely now even higher). Ultimately my germophobe side won over me and I took a coldish shower shampooing multiple times (SO NOT GOOD FOR MY HAIR). And by the way, the smell-  not at all like sugar.


Let’s cheers to your week.


the newly whale


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