Finding Beauty in New York [& in life]

This week [in Orlando] on our way home from work (my husband and I carpool now) it was that stuck-in-traffic-wish-we-could-get-home-faster-really-annoying -time-of-day. I was in a bad mood just from stopping and starting over and over and going literally nowhere. To our left we witnessed a car rear-end the car in front of it. A black man and a white man stepped out of the cars. I watched intently as the white man reassuringly put his hand on the black man’s shoulder. They each made sure the other was OK. They shook hands. This wasn’t even a normal handshake- this was the kind where you give one hand, and then place your other hand on top. Like a hand hug. The kind of shake friends give. They weren’t short with each other. One even gave a thumbs-up. After a brief once-over, there seemed to be no damage to either car, so they said their goodbyes and all was forgiven. My eyes filled with tears. Today in what feels like a black v white society, this was a true example of people being decent. Didn’t matter that one was black and one was white or even that one hit the other’s car (which may cause any type of person to act a certain type of way in the rude category. They weren’t even RUDE)!!! I threw my hands up. “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD!!”

It reminded me of this picture I took in New York City, one that gave me that same feeling of beauty. I think that’s why I like this photo so much. It was literally a magnificent sight just witnessing people being decent.IMG_9633

So I thought I’d finally share about all of the beauty I found in New York City.


Washington Square Park

For starters, it was essentially NYC’s first warm day of the year, so the people were literally FLOCKING to the parks, just to sit on the ground and bask in the sun.  And the cherry blossoms were starting to arrive! This is the first time I’ve ever seen spring SPRINGING! Florida lacks seasons. I don’t care if you disagree. It’s true.

The Highline

One of my favorite things about this city is there is a beautiful surprise waiting on every corner. And I do mean EVERY corner…



Do you see the fresh blooms all around the entryway?

Beauty around every corner. That’s for sure! There are signs of hope and love hidden for you to find (sometimes in plain sight)…IMG_9540



But sometimes a creepy looking girl is telling you to have a beautiful day!

We ate some pretty amazing food. Mostly we ate dessert.

IMG_9634 (1)

Now for the question you’re all asking- is DŌ worth it? The verdict: No. Or proceed with caution.

I’m so sorry cookie dough lovers. It does taste exactly like amazing cookie dough, and it is beautiful food, but never in my life have I ever thrown out dessert that I couldn’t finish! The first reason I think this happened is because the dough was room temperature. I think I would have been able to indulge more had it been served chilled. The second reason is it was way too rich. Never have I said those words in my life! I got two scoops. Definitely only opt for one scoop OR get it mixed with ice cream. Expect to wait in line. We waited a little over an hour in a line around 2pm on a weekday. The line forms across the street and goes all the way down the block. When you get to the front, an employee gives you a golden ticket that looks like this:

IMG_9608 (1)
I got a golden ticketttt

There’s a bouncer at the front door that won’t let you in without this bad boy! We had an amazing time not only waiting in line, but also inside of DŌ. I just feel that I would be insincere if I told you that I recommend it. But, I’m sure you would have a great time trying it too! It just wouldn’t be a do-over for me. But it was a total dream to try it out.

Dreams dough come true

But we did manage to eat some real food on our adventure in Brooklyn, in my favorite restaurant of all time of anywhere that I want every day. Amen.


This drink’s name is Champagne Problems.
I would probably pay $100 to eat this cheddar maple biscuit. Crystallized  on the top.
I love this cozy dining and lighting and succulents and ceiling and chattering!

And everywhere that we went in Brooklyn we were happier than we were 10 steps before.


Brooklyn spoke to us.

The perfect Saturday in NYC is spent at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. There are tents of all of the most popular restaurants serving their best dishes right on the shores of the Hudson River. Not to mention the flea market set up right next door so you can shop the cutest goods while eating the best treats.

Highly recommend Wowfulls!

I loved spending the weekend with these beautiful friends.

Melissa and Alexa

IMG_9576 (2)

We certainly never lacked inspiration in the city.







So basically,


we love you, New York. Thanks for being so beautiful.


the newly whale


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